About Us

Everest Institute is a new and innovative organization that works specifically with addiction disorders. We use multiple approaches, and emphasize acceptance and respect for each individual.

Overcoming alcohol and drug problems is not easy. Some individuals have tried and given up, and others lack the confidence or motivation to try. It is a difficult task. Teaming up with effective resources can make the difference.

Conquering an addiction is like climbing a mountain; it involves a complex series of choices and tasks. Learning the skills that are needed will begin to create motivation. Belief in the ability to execute these new skills in the face of uncertainty will sustain that motivation.

The likelihood of success is markedly improved with the support and guidance of our experienced team of addiction professionals. They will assist the client and their family with the development of good decision-making skills. Hope will return as the client and family begin to believe they can thrive rather than just survive.

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  • Group Meetings

    Are held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-9PM. Please contact the office for an initial appointment before attending a group meeting.