Asking for help is a big step.

It may be hard to believe that things can change. You or your loved ones may have tried repeatedly to control drinking, drug use, and their consequences. The alternative may be unclear. The idea of opening up to others may be unfamiliar or difficult to imagine.

Healing IS possible.

The focus at Everest Institute is on listening. It is our experience that this is one of the critical ingredients in recovery and healing. But every individual and situation is unique. Through group work and family support, you will discover the best path to abstinence and recovery. You will draw from resources that include knowledge of addictive and healing processes, individual strengths, 12-Step recovery, family and friendship networks, and spiritual supports and disciplines.
The staff will guide each person to make their own, individual sobriety plan. If you bring your strengths, resources and preferences, we can work together to restore hope.

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  • Group Meetings

    Are held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-9PM. Please contact the office for an initial appointment before attending a group meeting.